TensMec - A Revolutional Tensioning Tool

Bolt Failures cost can irreversibly damage your brand and put lives at risk

Inaccurately tensioned bolts can have significant consequences for critical building equipment and infrastructure.  Infrastructure failures can cause millions of pounds of lost production, disrupt energy supplies and put lives at risk but to mention the possible long term damage to a hard earned corporate brand image.

The Problem

Correct bolt tensioning is a time consuming and costly process and, due to it not being an exact science, requires skilled personnel using expensive specialist tensioning equipment. Each year millions of pounds of damage are caused due to inaccurate bolt tensioning.

Existing bolt tensioning techniques are difficult to achieve and rely on human judgement to determine the correct torque to be applied. This is often an expensive and time consuming process relying in personal judgement and can result in catastrophic failure.  There are also major Health and Safety considerations to be considered.  

Once installed there is no way of knowing if the bolt has been tightened correctly, has started to loosen or has failed until it is too late. During maintenance, it is difficult to accurately check the correct tension on the bolts.

The Solution

Installation or Removal

TenMec is a multi-jackbolt tensioning tool. It allows standard hex nuts to be used in bolting applications requiring only hand tools to be used for installation and removal of any size fastener. It is a safe, accurate and economical solution that can be used in difficult to access areas and without the need of hydraulic tensioners.


TenMec can be used to check the correct tension of existing fasteners. The tool can be used to correctly pre-tension the fastener and allow the nut to be set to its correct tension. Overtighten nuts can be loosened or under-tightened nuts set to the correct tension.


TenMec is designed to operate with all common thread sizes, ranging from M24 to M64. The maximum tension that can be applied is 400 tonnes. Other thread types, such as Imperial, are available upon request. Also in applications that require more exotic materials such as Titanium, there are versions to comply with these requirements too.


TenMec is a new patented technology. It is a simple and cost effective tightening tool to use with large size bolts. Joints can be tightened or checked with high accuracy without requiring specialized skills or heavy and/or expensive tooling. Since it is used with standard hex nuts, it provides a very low cost solution to complex and expensive alternatives. It is manufactured with high quality carbon alloys to guarantee long operating life.
  • Reusable: The TenMech is a tensioning tool – it can be used time and time again for all bolting requirements. Once a fastener is set or checked, it is ready for the next job.
  • Accurate: The preload operates in pure tension. If used in conjunction w TenQue or TenFi products, it allows the preload tension to be within +/-5% accuracy.
  • Economical: Only standard hex nuts are required. There is also no need for hydraulic systems.
  • Easy: Entire assembly requires only hand tools with torque of under 120 Nm.
  • Fast: Tightening requires only minutes per assembly.
  • Safe: Eliminates the need for special high powered tools and high pressure hydraulic systems.
  • Simple: Just fit over the existing hex nut and use the TenMec to apply the required pretension.
  • Accessible: It can be used in confined or difficult to access areas.