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'TenCon' tension controlled washer

Award winning “TenCon” tension controlled washer (patent pending)

This new Industry leading technology allows you to control joint tension in fasteners which is one of the largest single causes of breakdowns and warranty claims.

Tension control for bolted joints

Bolted joints are one of the weakest places in many structures and not surprisingly one of the largest single causes of failure, expensive warranty claims, safety, and production down time and have caused fatalities. It is the place where assemblies variously leak, wear, slip or tear apart when subject to sustained external forces.

“TenCon” (patent pending), which is a load indicating washer that can indicate during assembly and in service an accurate true indication of bolt preload. Industry is demanding greater safety; cost effectiveness, environmental friendly, ease of maintenance control, reliability and in service monitoring. The “TenCon” provides all these features Sales for this product are world wide.

The TenCon has been awarded a finalist place in the “Make it in Great Britain” exhibition and was among the four finalists in the “Stronger category” (Best Innovation). This was staged at the London Science Museum during the Olympic Games of 2012.

To order, we require the following information:

For Bolts or Studs;

  • Size and grade of the material
  • Maximum Load setting

Environmental Application;

  • General nature and duty
  • Temperature range
  • Unusual environmental conditions – sub-sea, chemical atmosphere etc

Who can use it?

Many organisations throughout the world have invested millions of pounds / dollars in research and development to find a safe and simple solution to tension control over the bolted joint. Industries involved in using critical bolted joints include:

  • Petro Chemical,
  • M.O.D.
  • Offshore
  • Shipping
  • Automotive
  • Waterboard
  • Railways
  • Steelworks
  • Mining
  • Structural Assemblies
  • Bridges
  • Engine Builders
  • Anywhere else the bolted joint is used.  

For example consider a pressurized flange used in the water or petro chemical industries that can be prevented from leaking with correctly controlled tension controlled joints. Leaking joints can cause pollution and consequently affect the environment.

The “TenCon” indicating washer is superior to other tension control methods because of its cost effectiveness, easy installation by unskilled labour. It is also capable of monitoring the tension in service. It does not weaken the bolts and provides preventative maintenance.

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Finalists in the E & S 2012 Business Awards For Small Business of the Year & Innovation Award

Winner of the Award for Innovation in Made in the Midlands competition

Express and Star Business Awards 2012 - Manufacturing Champion